Monday, February 24, 2014

A first post - Delivered

Since it wont let me check themes or settings without posting something, here is a picture.

Before going on, I think I should provide a little history.
This is a 1983 Datsun 280zx N/A 5 speed manual. This particular one I am the 3rd, 5th, and 8th owner of. Yes I have owned this car three times before. And now it is time I do something with it.
At the time of delivery, it was a stock, non-running car.  When I bought the car, it wouldn't even start, so the first week I had it before shipping it home, I made some good progress with my pops. We pulled the fuel system apart till we found the issue.
Things we checked before finding the issue

  • Spark - yup got it from the plugs and the coil 
  • Air - yup can feel/hear it sucking in air 
  • fuel - nope, trickle from the out line 

Once we found it wasn't getting enough gas we replaced the fuel filter, replaced some fuel lines, and still nadda. Even gave the fuel pump a "technical tap" with a hammer.
A wild thought hit me to check the fuel sending unit in the gas tank. Then I wished I had reassembled the gas tank and never opened it.

The mesh pickup screen was clogged solid. I pulled the screen off the sending unit and it floated in the goop that was in the bottom of the tank. The tank still needs to be boiled.

Here is a before and after with the fuel screen. The after was 45 minutes with a wire brush and a dremel wire brush.

And the back together with it all a bit cleaner.

And for the record, it started after this. Didn't run, but it started.