Monday, November 19, 2018

Introduction - Episode 1 - Aesthetically Displeasing

This car has had an interesting history, it was made in 1983 by Datsun, in the midst of the Nissan name change.

It was originally sold in Las Vegas, and the first owner had it for around 8 years. My step-father bought the car and became its second owner. He had it until around 2004 when he sold it to me. I ended up having the car for about a year, before i decided to move to Los Angeles, then I sold the car to my brother. My brother had the car for about a year, before he was moving and did not have the room for it, so he informed me, and I bought the car again. I had the car for about a year, and I found it a little too much to drive in in LA. I was not worried about the car breaking, but that it was an old car, it was a little too lively to drive in LA and I was working on other projects at the time.
My Friend had an accident in his car, in 2006 and I had just had my first kid. He needed a car, so I let him borrow it, and he enjoyed the car and made me an offer to buy it. I took the cash he offered and sold it him. He drove it daily for about six months, then he parked it with plans to start a restoration on it. The car wasn't in great shape at this time. It had 25 years of wear and tear, and more than a few miles on the clock. He had started looking into things, but oddly, he had to move soon and didn't have the room for it, so it went up for sale. He asked me, and within a few days, another friend had asked me about the Z, so I gave them each others number, and it was sold to another close friend. This friend was the 7th owner of the car, and for a 25 year old car, that had 250,000 miles on it, the car was running well, so well that he drove it from Los Angeles to Las Vegas without a problem. He was driving the car for about a year, and slowly putting things together, replacing broken parts, and then tragedy struck.
The thermostat housing cracked, while he was driving at about 75mph on the freeway.
It shot anti-freeze all over the place. The NACA vents allowed the steam to flow out the hot car quickly, and all but blinded his view.
The saving grace, he was in an area that did not have a lot of traffic and he was able to pull over safely, and let the car cool down to find out what happened.
He had patched it, and started working on getting the car back on the road, but life intervened again and again. He wasn't able to dedicate the time or resources for the car. It ended up sitting.
In 2013 he was moving to and I was looking for a project car at the time, he asked if I would be interested in buying the Z again.
This makes me the 3rd, 5th, and 8th owner of the same car.
I do not feel that this car is the end all be all for cars. I just know what I want.
What I want is a 200hp rear wheel drive car that is fun to drive and does not cost a lot to run or maintain. And I am making a car that had 145hp, and was at times scary to drive in LA, into a bit more of a hot rod.
This should be an exciting journey.

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