Monday, February 11, 2019

Life in degrees

Let's start out with the video.

Now a bit more explaining.
There is a facebook group for L Series engine builders, all skill levels, The church of L series.
In that group I posted a pic of the camshaft with way more life and duration than it should have.
A nice back and forth with JeffP and he said I was doing it wrong, and that I needed to measure with the proper lash.
After a few trials and errors, I was able to get the lash dialed in correctly, and it showed that I have been measuring SOHC incorrectly. I did this one with a bit more lash, and it turned out to be a correct cam.
Next time I will be measuring with the cam I plan on running with the proper lash, and adjusting it to see if I can get it closer to a 220/220 but this was a big help in problem solving

Comp Cams 84-131-6:

Everything same as other videos

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