Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Taking it all apart

So While attempting to work on the car before sending it to its final location (in some perverse hope of driving it maybe?) We were able to get the car to start, but not run. It would run under its own power for almost 30 seconds, then choke off and die.
Poking my nose in and around the engine compartment I discovered a piece of broken plastic from what looked like one of the fuel injector housings, maybe. It was hard to tell without pulling it apart.
I made the choice to wait till the car was home before taking anything "large" apart. So the magic smoke that I was seeing while cranking it would have to wait.

When I finally got the car to my house, I decided that instead of "just making it run" that I would spend some time with the car, and get to know it if you will, and make it a bit better than it has been in years.

The previous owner of the Z was driving it when the thermostat housing exploded. He was going at a good clip and it was a miracle that he didn't crash when it happened. This did happen to leave the car in bad shape. So the car sat for a while until I bought it, and shipped it around my parents house until getting it home with me.
This is where things get sketchy, it took me three tries to ship it, but when I finally did it was fast. Like I called to arrange the appointment on Monday and the car showed up on Thursday.

After getting the car home, I stared at it for a bit, cleaned out some room in my garage, hung some lights, and moved it in.

With it in the garage, let the staring begin.

Oh look an engine!

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