Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Lets make it a better place

When we last left our heroine, she was in it bad. Not running, all types of undiscovered issues, broken parts.
So first we should start by cleaning things, this way you know what is broken and what you need to order.
I pulled the fuel rail off first, in retrospect thought I should have pulled the entire intake manifold off first.
During the testing stage we saw some magic smoke coming from the fuel injectors, so i was looking for obvious signs of wear, I didn't see any at this stage.

The next stage was to pull the heat shield from the exhaust manifold, after that I was able to remove the intake manifold itself.
There are four bolts on the top of the intake manifold, and six shared bolts on the bottom. The top bolts are 14mm and the bottoms are 12mm.
There are no bolts in the middle where the two banks of the exhaust meet up. (see pic below)
After pulling the intake manifold, it wasnt exactly happy looking.
It was pretty dirty, you can also that from the water inlet (on the left/front of the motor) water was run through it for an extended period of time.

These are the before and after cleaning the intake manifold. I also replaced all the vacuum lines and hoses on it since it was out of the car.

For the record, the fuel injectors I ended up getting, BWD new fuel injectors part number 57519P, and they came with the o-ring kit, part number BWD 274031. So I ended up with six o-ring kits that I do not need.
Also, inspect your mounts, I needed to buy one mount kits with it. The parts store had them listed as Fuel Injector Seal kit, BWD Part number 28412,  I needed one, so I bought two of the kits.

The injectors were not in the greatest shape when they came out of the car. Specially number 1 injector.
The one on the left  was injector number 4, then injector 1 in the middle, then a new injector.

Here it is all together again.
Im not totally happy with some of the hose bends but we will see how it plays out after I get it back together.

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