Sunday, April 20, 2014

This is just a simple time.

Sometimes, we have simple plans to make things better.
I had those plans then it bit me when I was putting the intake manifold back in.
I was hoping to have this happy blog post that everything just went back in place without issue, and that the car started right up, and maybe of a video of it running and doing the minor adjustments.
I wish I could tell you that dear reader but alas I cannot.
Turns out there are two broken studs in the head, one on each side of the exhaust, along with two holes that need to be re-tapped. One on the shared bolts and one of the header bolts.
So I have been looking up videos on how to do get broken studs out, and how to re-trace bolts, and it looks like I am going to take the head to an engine rebuilders to have the removed, because no matter how much I want to, I cannot do it all.
Also, I had to buy the chain shim tool, from amazon just to hold the timing chain.

As for why there was not a weekly update, this is a slow project, I am not giving all of my free time to it, I am not going overboard trying to get it running by trying to get it running quickly, I would rather do it right.

As for doing it right, here is my first mistake, and its a painful one.
I bought a head from Craigslist, an n47 because I want to see if i can function at the ~10:1 compression that is listed, and see if it gives me that kick in the seats that I am wishing for.
It was dark, I bought it from a guy a few miles away, and it was in his shed.
I missed the crack on it.
See it? Right there? Bottom of the cam tower?
I completely missed it, and it was not a cheap mistake.
So what to do now?
Tuck my tail between my legs and give up?
Hide from the world because I am not perfect?
Nope, not even a little. I am owning up to this mistake. Yeah I do not like it, and no it was a craig's list deal, I wont even try to get my money back, because that would be useless.

I have been told that I cannot swap the cam towers because "they are factory machined when the engine was built"
I am having a hard time with this one. This was not a multi-hundred thousand dollar sports car. It was an economy sports car.
So with me luck dear reader, "Allons Y!"

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