Sunday, April 20, 2014

Reading Rainbow

It might look like I am not doing doing a lot at the moment, well because I am not.
The last post was sitting here for two weeks before I published it. Again this is a slow project.
I am actually reading quiet a bit. This might sound odd, but I have the Hayens manual and I have the Factory Service Manual and I am not reading those.
What I am reading is this classic. Frank Honsowetz - How to Modify Your Nissan & Datsun OHC Engine
 This might sound like a funny or odd thing to read, but honestly it isnt.
So far I am a quarter of the way through the book, and he does talk about the Datsun/Nissan L4 and L6 OHC motors, he really seems to love the 4 cylinder motors but he does completely miss the RB series engines, and I think that is before they came in both Dual and Single overhead cam. Either that or the engines were very popular here in the states because they seem to be prevalent in the Nissan Skyline, and that car was completely unavailable in the US. Though it is a pretty common motor swap into the older 240z cars. 
I have also decided, after the last post, to do a full engine pull and rebuild. I have a garage so why not just pull it out. 
Some other reference material I am using is 
These references have helped me figure out the basics about how to remove the intake manifold and the ever popular debate about what type of oil to use in the car after I get it rebuilt. (I'm going to go against tradition and use Mobile1 synthetic, just for the record) 

Also, trying to source parts on the 30+ year old car, ebay has been a huge help as well. Just be specific what you are searching for, and expect some junk yard worthy parts that need to be cleaned up. 
I live in an area where I havent been able to find any good junkyards. 

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