Monday, December 10, 2018

Coming together

We have the head together, now lets bring it together with the block.

With this we had to put the head dowels in place, the machine shop did not put them in. 
Overall the block is basic, not even a slight over bore. 
The rods, pistons, and block are all within factory spec, the math will be shown later, and the rod bearings, main bearings, and rings are all ITM. They were all put together with the machine shop. 
For the purpose of this first assembly we are reusing the stock head bolts, and they are not torqued to spec at this point. They are only run down to 10 ft. lbs. just to snug up the test head gasket. This is being done so that the camshaft can have the base degree checked and verify the valve events.
Once this is done it will be taken apart again to receive paint, oil pan, and a few other items. 

  • Block: Nissan F54 standard block
  • Pistons: Nissan 280zx NA flat top pistons  
  • Connecting Rods: Nissan 280zx connecting rods
  • Core plugs: Unlisted (Set from MSA)
  • Rod Bearings: ITM  6B1171STD (amazon
  • Main Bearings: ITM 7M1172-STD (amazon)
  • Piston Rings: ITM 021-6087STD (amazon)
  • Alignment dowels (The Z Store/MSA)
  • Gasket Set (amazon) (MSA)
  • 5w/30 Engine Oil, what I had on the shelf 
The block work that was done was 
  • Hot Tank cleaning
  • Deglazing of cylinders (Cylinders did not need to be bored out) 
  • Magnaflux the block
  • Straightness check ( no material removed) 

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