Monday, December 24, 2018

Timing is everything

Well first, I added a little more light to the garage in general, so that is a win.

After that I just installed the timing kit. I used a new kit that included everything including the gaskets and seals, this is the Beck Arnley 029-0059 kit. In does have both the cam and crank gears, so it was a simple install and direct, I am going to let this be a short one.

  •  Beck Arnley 029-0059 Timing Kit (amazon)
Before doing anything else, verify that the block and the head are both at top dead center, TDC, or you could have pistons saying hello to valves. 
I started by putting a zip tie around the tensioner, well two zip ties, and then just snugged the bolts in. There was no thread locker used in the bolts, but they were not torqued down at this point. 
The chain guides were next, and again it was two bolts on each, and the tension of the chain does not seem outrageous. 
I used a piece of wood to tap on the cam gear, it slid over the woodruff keys for the oil pump and the harmonic balancer. Then it was just a matter putting the chain on the cam gear. Once that was done the zip ties were removed. 

I am still trying to figure out the timing and how to verify what it is, I tried to use the same stupid cheap dial gauge from everyone's favorite parts store and that went even worse than when it was on the bench. So I got some new tools and I am going to try one more time before putting anything else on the engine. 

I also did an off-camera check of the wipe pattern, and that turned out to be a little bit to the back, so I need to take the serious side and check the wipe pattern seriously. Though the .175 lash pads are dead centered, and I think that because I checked the wipe pattern with 0 lash it was showing a bit on the wrong side but I will figure this out for the next post.  

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